The most sold frozen pizza in Sweden - thanks to influencer marketing

Dr. Oetker's social media competition received an unexpectedly low level of participation - despite the fine prize at stake. With help from Cure Media and four carefully selected influencers, they managed to boost the competition and take the frozen pizza to new levels. The influencer marketing campaign resulted in a significantly increased level of competition participation, and it also contributed to a market-leading position for Dr. Oetker.

"I see great value in letting influencers create more customized content that appeals to our target group better. That's how we reach directly to them!” 
- Fredrik Gahm, Manager - Marketing and Business Development på Dr. Oetker

In this case we present the influencer marketing campaign that helped Dr. Oetker gain a #1 market position.


  • How influencers helped take the frozen pizza to new levels

  • Goals and results

  • Dr. Oetker's long-term approach to influencer marketing

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